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Nawal al-maghafi Wikipedia | Nawal al-maghafi age

Nawal al-maghafi "Wikipedia" is a talented young journalist who started reporting from her home country of Yemen after finishing university in the UK. Nawal Al Maghafi Age​​ Nawal Al Maghafi was born in Yemen on September 2, 1991. She is 31 years old. She began making videos about the Arab Spring protests happening there.

The BBC noticed Nawal's reporting on the revolution in Yemen. Since then, she has continued covering the ongoing conflict in Yemen for BBC news programs like BBC News at Ten.

Nawal al-maghafi Wikipedia

Nawal al-maghafi wikipedia

Nawal is an award-winning BBC journalist who has reported on the Middle East since 2012. For the past 6 years, she has bravely reported from inside Yemen during the ongoing conflict there.

In 2015, Nawal investigated a deadly bomb attack in Yemen. Her reporting provided key evidence against weapons sales to Saudi Arabia by the US and UK.

Nawal's recent documentary about young girls exploited for sex in Iraq won two Emmy awards this year. Using secret filming, she revealed clerics tricking vulnerable girls into temporary "pleasure marriages" at holy shrines.

She has also traveled the Middle East investigating how surveillance technology sold by a UK company was used by repressive governments to monitor human rights activists. Recently she returned from Yemen to film the impact of COVID-19 in a country already facing a terrible humanitarian crisis.

Before the BBC, Nawal worked as an investigative producer for Al Araby TV and as a news producer for Thomson Reuters in London. She has a degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Nottingham.

Nawal's courageous on-the-ground reporting and documentaries exposing injustices in the Middle East have earned her international recognition as an outstanding journalist.

In 2016, Nawal's news coverage helped raise over £25 million in just two weeks for people affected by the war through a charity appeal.

During an investigation into a deadly bomb attack, Nawal revealed the use of "double tap attacks" by Saudi-led forces, which go against international laws. She was the only journalist to interview commanders from both sides.

In addition to reporting on Yemen's war and cholera outbreak, the 27-year-old has also investigated high-tech surveillance and secretly reported on organ trafficking in Egypt.

Nawal Al-Maghafi has been nominated for the Royal Television Society's Young Talent of the Year award for her brave and impactful journalism work.


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