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Nex benedict owasso OK | What happened Nex benedict Oklahoma

A 16-year-old student named Nex benedict owasso OK died last week after a fight at Owasso High School in Oklahoma. Nex used the pronouns they/them and was non-binary, meaning Nex did not identify as male or female.

The fight happened in a school bathroom on February 7. Nex was hurt badly in the fight. That same day, Nex's parent took Nex to the hospital. The school did not know about the fight until then.

Nex benedict owasso OK

What happened Nex benedict owasso OK?

On February 8, Nex was rushed back to the hospital and died. The cause of death was injury from the fight the day before.

Police are now looking into what happened. They want to find out how the fight started and if the school could have prevented Nex's death.

Students at Owasso High School are sad and angry about losing their classmate. The school held memorials to remember Nex. Counselors are available to help students cope with the loss.

The school district released a brief statement saying the cause of Nex's death was not yet public due to an ongoing police investigation. They said they would provide counseling to students but made no mention of investigating wider issues leading to the fatal fight.

This muted response angers advocates given Owasso's history regarding LGBTQ students. Last year, the district was targeted by extremist Chaya Raichik of Libs of TikTok for allowing a teacher to support LGBTQ youth. Raichik, newly appointed to review school libraries by Oklahoma's State Superintendent, labeled the teacher a "groomer."

Many now wonder if anti-LGBTQ bullying also played a role in Nex Benedict's death. Statistics show over 80% of LGBTQ students in Oklahoma face verbal harassment with little school intervention.

At Nex's funeral on February 15th, friends and family mourned the young student’s loss of life. In the aftermath, LGBTQ leaders are demanding strengthened anti-bullying policies to ensure safety for students like Nex. Without change, they say schools enable discrimination against vulnerable youth. The tragedy demonstrates once more the urgent need for acceptance and compassion towards all students regardless of identity.


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