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Meet Nicholas Beaver: A Resident of Lawrence, KS

Updated: Mar 13

On Wednesday evening around 5:10 pm, there was a deadly shooting near the public library in downtown Lawrence, Kansas.

After the shooting, police identified Nicholas beaver Lawrence KS as the suspect. They released his photo to the public.

The shooting took place on the 700 block of Vermont Street, which is close to the intersection of W. 8th Street and Vermont Street.

One person was killed in the shooting, but their identity has not been released by police yet.

Nicholas beaver Lawrence KS

Who is Nicholas beaver Lawrence KS?

  • Nicholas Beaver was named by Lawrence police as the suspect in a fatal shooting on the 700 block of Vermont Street on the evening of Wednesday.

  • Police released a photo of Beaver to the public.

  • Beaver was taken into custody by Lawrence police around 10 pm that same night, just after the shooting occurred around 5:10 pm.

  • One person was killed in the shooting, but their identity was not released.

Later that night, around 10 pm, Lawrence police said they had taken Nicholas Beaver into custody as the suspect in this deadly shooting.

The Lawrence Public Library, which is located right across the street from where the shooting occurred, was closed for the rest of the evening on Wednesday after the incident.

So in summary - one person was fatally shot Wednesday evening near the downtown Lawrence library. Nicholas Beaver was named as the suspect, and he was arrested by police a few hours later in connection with the deadly shooting.


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