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Niko nakamura ventura | Niko nakamura found

A 32-year-old man named Niko Nakamura Ventura County, California had been reported missing earlier this week. Sadly, authorities announced on Sunday that Niko has died.

Niko nakamura ventura

Niko nakamura ventura

Niko was last seen on February 8th in Ventura. He was 5'11" tall, about 185 pounds, and last seen wearing a black hoodie, sweatpants and checkered Vans shoes.

On Sunday morning at 7am, Ventura firefighters were called to help a person who was not breathing. When they arrived in 6 minutes, they realized someone was underwater in the ocean and needed rescue.

On Sunday, February 11th at 7:00am, firefighters were called to help someone who was reported as not breathing. When the firefighters arrived 6 minutes later, they realized someone needed rescue from the ocean.

The Ventura Fire Department quickly sent a rescue swimmer with state park workers to search the ocean. Nine rescue swimmers from different agencies worked together to search the area.

Sixty-four minutes after arriving, the rescue crews found the victim Niko Nakamura in the water. They gave him advanced life support first aid on the beach. Nakamura was brought to the hospital by ambulance with firefighters continuing medical care. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Nine rescue swimmers worked together to search the area where the person was thought to be. Just one hour after starting the search, they found the victim under the water. The victim was identified as the missing man, Niko Nakamura.

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