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Oscar lindsay kentwood high school |What happened to oscar lindsay

On Wednesday morning, Oscar lindsay kentwood high school tragically died on a school bus in Washington state.

It seems Oscar got on the bus heading to Kentwood High like normal. But he never got off at the school's stop. Oscar was found unconscious still on the bus while it was parked at Mattson Middle School later that morning.

Oscar lindsay kentwood high school

Oscar lindsay kentwood high school

Oscar's aunt, Lien Luong, shared her grief over her nephew's tragic passing on Wednesday. She said Oscar was so young at only 15 years old but had a big, kind heart. Lien said she loves and misses Oscar deeply, and he'll be missed forever. She asked for help supporting her grieving sister.

On Oscar's memorial website, Danielle Hicks Taylor also expressed condolences. She said it is just awful that Oscar left this earth so young. Danielle shared her sorrow over the family's loss.

The posts show Oscar clearly touched many lives in his short 15 years. Family members like his heartbroken aunt Lien are reeling from the sudden death of their beloved nephew and sibling. The community is rallying to comfort Oscar's family, remembering him as a kind-hearted young soul gone too soon.

The bus driver and dispatch officials tried to wake Oscar but he was unresponsive. It took 7 minutes for 911 to finally be called after first realizing Oscar was in distress.

Medical personnel were unable to revive Oscar and he passed away. The medical examiner has not released the cause of death yet.

There are still many unanswered questions, including why Oscar went unnoticed on the bus for so long. School bus drivers are required to thoroughly check for any remaining students after drops offs.

Oscar's sudden death has brought tremendous sadness to Kentwood High School students and staff who knew him. The local community is also grieving the loss of this young life. Further details are pending as authorities continue investigating this heartbreaking tragedy.

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