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Paul rochon missing ottawa | Paul rochon found

We are very sad to share that our dear friend Paul rochon missing ottawa recently passed away unexpectedly at age 42. He was a loving husband and father to two young boys, Henry (7) and Louis (5), in Ottawa, Ontario.

Paul rochon missing ottawa

Paul rochon missing ottawa

  • Paul Rochon was a 42-year-old man from Ottawa who went missing on January 22.

  • He was last seen in the Findlay Creek area around 6:30pm that day.

  • Police were worried about Paul's safety and well-being after he disappeared.

  • They released new photos showing Paul entering what looked like an LCBO liquor store, hoping someone would recognize him.

  • Sadly, on Tuesday police found Paul's body.

  • They do not suspect any foul play was involved in his death.

This is very sad news. Paul's family and friends were desperately searching and hoping he would be found alive and well. Unfortunately, the search ended with the devastating discovery of his body, though police say no crime was committed. Paul's loved ones are now grieving his sudden and unexpected passing under tragic circumstances.

Paul rochon found

The family has been struggling financially for the past couple years due to Paul's personal issues. His sudden death has made things very difficult for his wife Mallory and their sons who are grieving deeply.

Mallory wants to provide stability and keep the family in their home during this hard time. But without help, this may be impossible.

We have permission from Mallory to start this GoFundMe page asking for donations. Any amount will help support the Rochon family as they cope with Paul's tragic loss.

Please share this widely and consider giving if you can. Together we can surround Mallory, Henry and Louis with the love and financial assistance they need. This will allow them to properly grieve while maintaining some normalcy.

The Rochon family appreciates all the kindness as they navigate this unimaginable grief and healing process. Thank you for your compassion during their darkest days.

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