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Riker stippick Georgetown TX | What happened to Riker stippick

On February 5th, 2024, 10-year-old Riker stippick Georgetown TX suffered a medical emergency while visiting the 9/11 Memorial in New York City with his family. He was rushed to the pediatric ICU at Bellevue Hospital.

Doctors discovered bleeding in a delicate part of Riker's brain. They performed surgery to drain fluid and relieve pressure. Riker dealt with complications including hypothermia, high blood pressure, and intracranial pressure. He was intubated and sedated.

Riker’s parents, David and Hillary Stippick, remained by his side while he was hospitalized in critical condition. David works as a hospital chaplain and pastor, while Hillary is an elementary assistant principal.

Riker stippick Georgetown TX

Riker stippick Georgetown TX

A family from Texas planned a special 10th birthday trip to New York City for their son Riker. They wanted him to see the Broadway show Hamilton and eat his first New York pizza. But shortly after arriving, Riker suddenly became very sick.

As the family was walking to the World Trade Center, Riker told his parents he had the worst headache of his life. A few minutes later, he threw up and had to lay down on a bench. He was in tremendous pain.

The family took Riker to the hospital, where doctors put him in a medically-induced coma. They found bleeding and swelling in his brain requiring emergency surgery.

Riker's parents are heartbroken. They thought their son was happy and healthy and never expected him to become so critically ill during what should have been a fun birthday celebration. Now they are praying he recovers while doing everything they can to support him.

A fundraiser was created to support the Stippick family with growing medical and travel expenses. These costs included an extended stay in NYC, Riker’s hospital bills, potential medical transport back to Austin, missed work, childcare for Riker’s sisters, and future therapies.

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