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Roya nikkhah wikipedia | Roya nikkhah age

Roya Nikkhah "wikipedia" is a British journalist, author and TV personality born in 1970 in the UK.

After attending boarding school in Calne, Wiltshire, Roya studied English literature at Newcastle University.

She started her career as a journalist for the Sunday Times newspaper, where she interviewed members of the royal family. Roya now works as a correspondent and journalist for ITV News.

Roya is also popular on social media with many followers.

Roya nikkhah wikipedia

Roya nikkhah wikipedia

Roya was born in the UK in 1970 to parents of Iranian and British descent. Not much is publicly known about her family names or heritage. Some believe she may have Indian ancestry as well.

As a teenager, Roya thought she wanted to become an English teacher. But after studying English literature her first year of university, she discovered her true passion was journalism.

Real Name:

Roya Nikkhah


1970 (age 54 years old)

Place of Birth:

London, United Kingdom


1.65 m


Journalist • TV Personality

Net Worth:

US$4 million

Roya Nikkhah took an unexpected path to becoming a successful reporter. She majored in English literature in college. She also worked as an English tutor and spent two years teaching English in Ukraine.

Roya is a very private person. She avoids the paparazzi and keeps a low social media profile. She has not revealed details about her personal relationships.

Through her work, Roya has gotten to interview some members of the British royal family. From them, she learned about the importance of family, tradition, hard work and not giving up. It was an insightful experience for her.

Now, Roya is a well-known broadcaster and commentator for various TV and radio networks, including being the Royal Editor for The Sunday Times newspaper.

She has over a decade of experience covering royal news exclusively, like getting special interviews with Prince Charles and Prince Harry. Roya covered major events like the funeral of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth's birthday celebration.

So while she took an unexpected path, Roya Nikkhah has established herself as an expert reporter on the British royal family through hard work and perseverance.


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