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Ruby may martinwood wikipedia | Ruby may martinwood accent

Ruby may martinwood "wikipedia" is an up-and-coming English actress and model originally from London. She is believed to have been born in 1998, although her exact birth date is not publicly known.

Martinwood has worked with various fashion brands like Lounge Apparel, Fashion Nova, and Motel Rocks for modeling jobs. She has also acted in British TV shows such as RideBy, Taboo, and Father Brown.

Ruby may martinwood wikipedia

Ruby may martinwood wikipedia

On her popular Instagram page, Martinwood often shares photos from her travels to beautiful beaches and islands around the world, including Palawan Island in the Philippines, Croatia, and Thailand.

While some basic biography facts are available, Martinwood has kept most details about her childhood, parents, and any siblings private. Her early life and family information has not been shared with media outlets or the public at this time.

Overall, Ruby May Martinwood is gaining recognition as a rising talent in acting and modeling in England through her stylish persona and growing body of work in TV and fashion. Her admirers continue to learn more about her as her promising career develops.


  • Attended high school and college in London (specific schools unnamed)

  • Currently enrolled at The Television Workshop drama school in Nottingham, England

  • This school has an award-winning drama group and resources for getting into television

  • Ruby is part of the diversity-focused drama group there as she is passionate about acting


  • Believed to be about 23 years old as of 2023

  • Likely born in the late 1990s

  • No confirmation of her exact age or birth date yet

  • Has not posted about her birthday or precise age on social media

So in summary, Ruby May Martinwood is an English actress and model in her early 20s who studied in London and is currently training at a drama school in Nottingham. Her passion is acting and she is building her skills and experience in television. While active online, she has kept some personal life details like her exact age private.

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