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Safir Episode 24 english subtitle | Spoiler alert

The new trailer for the 24th episode of the show Safir Episode 24 english subtitle has been released. Safir is a Turkish TV drama starring actors Özge Yağız and İlhan Şen. It airs on the ATV channel on Monday nights.

Safir Episode 24 english subtitle

In the last episode, things got complicated when Yaman blames Ateş for what happened to his mother. Ateş starts blackmailing Feraye and forces her to move in with him. This devastates Yaman when he finds out.

Meanwhile, Ömer and Şermin's wedding is coming up. At their dinner party, Feraye attends with Ateş pretending to be a couple. This upsets Yaman and he confronts Feraye. Ateş continues to manipulate the situation to his advantage.

Feraye tries to find Yaman's confession video that Ateş has to use as blackmail. She gets help from an unexpected person.

There is also drama with Yaman's great aunt Kamuran arriving and causing problems within the family. And something shocking happens to Gülfem.

The next episode, #24, will air on February 12th and continue these storylines. It promises to have lots of drama and surprises for the characters.


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