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Sean garinger ATV accident | What happened to sean garinger boone nc?

Updated: Mar 8

Sean Garinger from Boone, North Carolina was on the MTV show "16 & Pregnant." Sadly, he died at age 20 in an accident.

sean garinger boone nc was moving an ATV from one parking spot to another for his mom Mary. The ground was muddy from rain. The ATV flipped over and crushed Sean's head.

sean garinger boone nc

What happened to Sean garinger boone nc?

Mary tried to get neighbors to help move the ATV off Sean, but no one answered. By the time the ambulance came, Sean had died. Mary laid next to him until help arrived.

Mary is very sad to lose her only son. She called Sean her "rock" and "strength." They were very close and did lots of activities together like road trips and going to the beach.

The police, fire department and medics came, but it was too late. They feel very sorry for Sean's family and loved ones.

Sean had two daughters in Colorado from a previous relationship. He and his mom were planning to buy him a car so he could visit them.

It is a very sad situation. Sean's mom and daughters are mourning his unexpected death in the terrible accident.


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