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Shayna Baker: The Journey of an EMT from Murrysville, PA

Updated: Mar 13

Shayna Baker, an EMT/paramedic student from Murrysville, PA, tragically lost her life in a car accident. Shayna baker murrysville pa was a dedicated EMT who cared deeply for her patients. She was a full-time EMT while also attending paramedic training, and was supposed to graduate this year.

Shayna's passing is a great loss felt by her family, friends, and co-workers. The Manor Township Volunteer Fire Company expressed their deepest condolences to Shayna's loved ones.

Shayna baker murrysville pa

Who is Shayna baker murrysville pa?

  • Shayna Baker was from Murrysville, Pennsylvania

  • She was an EMT/paramedic student who tragically lost her life in a motor vehicle accident

  • At the time of her death, Shayna worked full-time as an EMT with Murrysville Medic One while also attending paramedic training

  • She was scheduled to graduate from paramedic training this year

EMS Partner Services is extremely saddened by the news and their hearts go out to Shayna's friends, colleagues, and family during this difficult time. They are keeping her family in their prayers.

Shayna was clearly a compassionate and hardworking EMT who was dedicated to helping others. Her untimely death in an accident is being mourned by the Murrysville community, especially those in the emergency medical services field that Shayna was a part of. She left a positive impact on those around her through her caring spirit.


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