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Tariq walker fulton county sentenced | Where is Tariq walker now

A very sad killing happened in Atlanta. Tariq Walker was arrested for the murder of Stanley Scott at a Dollar Tree store on June 20th. Tariq walker was arrested on June 25th. Tariq walker fulton county sentenced.

The incident started when Walker and his girlfriend Quenisha Poole were harassing customers outside the Dollar Tree. Stanley Scott stepped in to defend the customers. Then Walker turned violent. Even though Scott tried to go into the store, Walker shot him in the chest. Sadly, Scott died two days later.

Tariq walker fulton county sentenced

Tariq walker fulton county sentenced

Police used security footage to identify Walker and Poole. Poole was also arrested for her part in the fight. The arrests brought some justice for the unnecessary killing. But Scott's grieving family will feel this loss forever over a thoughtless act of violence.

The attack seems to have come from anger and ignorance, not a real argument. Whatever caused such cruel violence in public shows the need for peaceful conflict resolution in our communities. An innocent man died for no reason because two people turned to violence when faced with no threat.

As Walker and Poole are prosecuted, Scott's loved ones will have to make sense of this senseless tragedy. His death should make all people in Atlanta think about the value of human life and the impacts of violence.

Only by promoting compassion instead of harm can we help prevent such terrible losses of bright futures like Stanley Scott's.

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