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Victor Siharath pomona ca | What happened to Lorena morales pomona ca?

On Saturday night around 11 pm, a drunk driver named Victor Siharath pomona ca crashed his pickup truck into another vehicle at high speed. The vehicle he hit was carrying five people who were coming back from a baby shower.

Three women were killed in the crash - Yesenia Ochoa (33 years old), Lorena morales pomona ca (the driver), and Alejandra Olaez (33 years old).

Two others were seriously injured - Juan Manuel "Jaime" Garcia (Lorena's husband) who was in critical condition, and 12-year-old Noemi Olaez (Alejandra's daughter) who was in intensive care.

Lorena morales pomona ca

What happened to Lorena morales pomona ca?

Lorena Morales was the driver of the vehicle that was struck by the drunk driver, Victor Siharath.

She and four others (her husband Juan Manuel "Jaime" Garcia, Yesenia Ochoa, Alejandra Olaez, and Alejandra's 12-year-old daughter Noemi Olaez) were returning from a baby shower when the crash happened.

The drunk driver, Victor Siharath, crashed his pickup truck into Lorena's vehicle at high speed near the intersection of White Avenue and Phillips Boulevard in Pomona.

Lorena Morales was killed in the violent collision, along with Yesenia Ochoa and Alejandra Olaez who were passengers in her car.

Her husband Juan Manuel "Jaime" Garcia was critically injured and hospitalized.

Yesenia was in the process of adopting her 11-year-old nephew Brian, who spoke at a vigil about losing his aunt who was going to raise him out of foster care.

The drunk driver Victor Siharath, 36 years old and from Pomona, was arrested for felony DUI after causing this terrible crash that devastated three families coming home from a joyful occasion.

The tragic incident resulted in Lorena Morales losing her life when the vehicle she was driving was struck by a drunk driver in Pomona as her group was coming home from celebrating at a baby shower. It was an immense loss for her family.


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