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Wayne couzens wikipedia | what did Wayne couzens do to sarah everard?

Wayne Couzens "Wikipedia" (born c. 1973) is a former British police officer who was convicted in 2021 for the rape and murder of Sarah Everard.

In March 2021, Couzens used his police identification and COVID-19 protocols as a pretext to falsely arrest Everard. He kidnapped, raped, and murdered her. A week later, Everard’s body was discovered in a pond over 50 miles from where she was abducted in London. Couzens later pleaded guilty to the crimes.

wayne couzens wikipedia

Wayne couzens wikipedia

The case drew immense public outrage regarding violence against women and abuse of police power in the UK. Everard's murder was seen as emblematic of wider societal problems regarding women's safety.

Before joining the police force, Couzens was employed as a mechanic and had no prior known convictions. He worked for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary from 2011-2018 before transferring to the London Metropolitan Police Service. He served on an armed patrol unit responsible for guarding diplomatic premises and Parliament.

Couzens is married with two children. His family has largely remained out of the public eye following his arrest. Additional personal details including his parents, education, ethnicity, and religious beliefs have not been made public.

As a police officer, Couzens earned an approximate salary of $17,500 (£15,000) per year. His total net worth is estimated around $500,000, primarily from savings and investments over his working life.

In September 2021, Couzens was given a rare whole life order for his crimes, meaning he will die in prison without parole. The severity of the sentence reflected the uniquely grievous circumstances surrounding Everard's abduction, assault, and murder.


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