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Who is Emmanuel fiancé "Rajbir Kaur" | Jordell menzies found guilty

Emmanuel was the victim of a fatal attack where he was killed for his watch. Emmanuel fiancé "Rajbir Kaur" and the mother of his children. In emotional interviews and statements, Rajbir spoke about how much she and their children miss Emmanuel after his tragic and senseless death.

Emmanuel fiancé Rajbir Kaur

Emmanuel fiancé "Rajbir Kaur"

She described Emmanuel as a wonderful father and partner who did not deserve what happened to him. His death has left Rajbir and their children devastated and dealing with grief that will last a lifetime.

Rajbir expressed dismay over the lack of remorse from Emmanuel's killers.

 Rajbir Kaur was the grieving fiancée of Emmanuel, the victim of a deadly robbery. She and their children have been profoundly affected by losing Emmanuel in this traumatic way. Rajbir courageously spoke out about the human impact of this crime.

Jordell menzies found guilty

 Emmanuel Odunlami was a 32-year-old music manager from Romford.

  • He was attending an exclusive £1,400-per-table event in London to celebrate his birthday.

  • Kavindu Hettiarachichi, a member of the event's security staff, noticed Emmanuel was wearing an expensive Patek Philippe watch worth between £90,000 and £300,000.

  • Hettiarachichi presumably passed this information to others outside the event.

  • As Emmanuel was leaving, he was approached by a group of robbers including 27-year-old Jordell Menzies.

  • Menzies stabbed Emmanuel before the group fled in a Mercedes.

  • On Monday February 12th, 2024, Menzies was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 31 years for Emmanuel's murder.

Emmanuel was the innocent victim of a deadly plot after security staff at an event he was attending noticed his valuable watch and set up a robbery that ultimately led to his murder.

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