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Who was Marcia linsky attorney? | Marcia linsky fort wayne

Marcia linsky fort wayne recently passed away after over 30 years as an important part of the Fort Wayne, Indiana legal community. As both a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor and magistrate, she used her great intelligence and strong moral principles to stand up for clients.

During her distinguished career, Linsky worked hard for justice and public safety. She prosecuted cases as a deputy prosecutor in Allen County for 12 years. She then served with distinction as a magistrate judge in Superior Court for nearly 14 years before entering private practice.

Marcia linsky fort wayne

Most recently, Linsky provided expert defense counsel informed by her extensive experience. She fiercely yet compassionately represented many clients facing criminal charges.

Outside her law career, Linsky mentored minority youth interested in the legal field. She shared her passion for justice through an organization called Blue Jacket, Inc. which provides opportunities for aspiring young attorneys.

Linsky also owned an alpaca ranch where she could enjoy tranquility with nature. Caring for the ranch animals brought her joy.

In a tribute, former client Tanisha Hinton-Brown wrote: “Thank you Marcia for everything you did for my brother and helping my family.” Linsky’s keen intellect, principled guidance, and empathy will be greatly missed.

While the Fort Wayne legal community deeply feels her loss, Linsky’s legacy continues through bettered lives and the ongoing pursuit of justice. Her dedication and community spirit live on in those she inspired to carry forth her mission. For over 30 years, Marcia Linsky used her talents in service of others – may her example propel new generations to do the same.

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