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Yabani Episode 23 English Subtitle | Recap of Episode 22 | Where to Watch

The Yabani Episode 23 English Subtitle will air on February 20th at 8 pm. The trailer shows that Rüya tries to escape from everyone while Yaman's wild side surfaces as she moves further from him.

The 22nd episode of Yabani aired last week. In the episode, Rüya learned some painful truths about her father Metin after her mother Şebnem was arrested as a murder suspect. Şebnem and Serhan tried to put all the blame on Metin.

Yabani Episode 23 English Subtitle

Yabani episode 23 english subtitle

Rüya entered a struggle to protect her family, even turning Yaman against her. She set fire to the house where she lived with her father's memories. Yaman risked his life to save Rüya, but she has now turned against both him and her mother Şebnem.

Serhan, who was cleared of the murder charges, wants his children back but they are not ready to forgive him yet. Alaz tries to control Asi's life as Valentine's day approaches.

Güven is faced with having to choose between the two women he loves, Özge and Neslihan.

Episode 23 Trailer

The trailer shows emotional quotes like "Because we don't need a father who leaves us motherless when we need a mother the most!" suggesting ongoing family drama. There are questions around the magical compass that has guided Yaman Ali, with hints it may be losing its power.

Where to Watch

Yabani Episode 23 will air February 20th at 8pm. It's expected English subtitles will be available shortly after on various streaming sites. Check sites like YouTube and DailyMotion for uploads of the episode with subtitles.


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