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Yabani episode 25 english subtitle | Yabani episode 25 release date and where to watch?

The Turkish TV show Yabani episode 25 english subtitle is very popular. Many people want to know what will happen in the next episode, number 25.

Episode 25 will air on March 5th. The show makers released a trailer to get fans excited.

In the last episode, Yaman learned something bad about his enemy Deniz. Deniz is manipulating Yaman's friend Rüya. Yaman wants to show everyone that Deniz is a bad person. But Deniz has been very sneaky and careful with his plans. It will be hard for Yaman to stop him.

Yabani episode 25 english subtitle

Where to watch Yabani episode 25 english subtitle?

The trailer shows that Deniz will keep trying to control Rüya. He wants to use her against Yaman.

Meanwhile, Yaman's brother Serhan got control back over the hospital he works at. He made a surprise decision that will impact two other characters, Güven and Neslihan.

Serhan might also cause problems between Güven and his pregnant girlfriend Özge. He wants to use Özge to get back at Güven and Neslihan.

Neslihan seems to be the only one on Yaman's side in his fight against Deniz. So she will likely help Yaman prove Deniz is manipulating people.

Fans are excited to see what will happen next. They will have to keep watching to find out! New episodes of Yabani air every Sunday night in Turkey.


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