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Yabani Episode 27 English subtitle | Where to watch Yabani 27 bolum?

In the previous episode, Dr. Özge started using her position as chief doctor to keep Neslihan and Güven apart.

In the upcoming Yabani Episode 27 English subtitle on March 19th:

Yaman's only goal now is to achieve victory and get revenge, no matter what it takes. However, he meets someone unexpected who will show him that his path will be more complicated than he thought.

Zafer's criminal plan involving the hospital depends on Serhan's cooperation. Serhan sees that if he resists, his family and Neslihan will be in danger. It's also important that Şebnem's pregnancy with Serhan's baby remains a secret.

Yabani Episode 27 English subtitle

Where to watch Yabani Episode 27 English subtitle?

You can watch Yabani Episode 27 with English subtitles on YouTube by visiting the playlist. The playlist includes various episodes of the series with English subtitles.The trailer for the 27th episode of the TV series Yabani (The Wild), starring Halit Özgür Sarı and Simay Barlas, will be released on March 19th at 20.00.

Though her relationship with Rüya has improved due to the pregnancy, Şebnem is determined not to give in to Serhan's demands.

Neslihan realizes Yaman and Alaz are up to something secretive and worries about the trouble they are heading towards, unaware that trouble is coming her way too.

After meeting Zafer, Asi and Cesur come face-to-face with their past that they tried to forget. For Cesur, confronting this past trauma is very difficult.


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