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Yali Capkini episode 61 english subtitle | Where to watch Yali Capkini 61 bolum?

The popular Turkish TV show Yali Capkini episode 61 english subtitle will air on Friday, March 8th. This drama tells the story of Ferit and Seyran. Their relationship has had many ups and downs.

In the last episode, Seyran was thinking about starting a new relationship with Akın. This made Ferit very upset. He still has feelings for Seyran. Meanwhile, Seyran's father is putting pressure on her about her love life.

Seyran's father Orhan is in prison. Ferit wants to find a way to help him. But Orhan feels abandoned because he expected more support from Halis Ağa.

Yali Capkini episode 61 english subtitle

Where to watch Yali Capkini episode 61 english subtitle?

You can watch "Yali Capkini 61 bolum" with English subtitles on YouTube. Specifically, you can find the 61st episode with English subtitles in the video titled "Yalı Çapkını 61. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı | ENGLISH SUBTITLES"

Ökkeş threatens Seyran. This makes her realize she has to get Ferit out of her life to save Orhan. So she asks her friend Suna for help.

Ferit wants a fresh start with Seyran. But the new trailer shows a moment that will ruin Ferit's dreams. What will happen next?

Fans are excited to see the 61st episode on March 8th at 8 PM. It will air on Star TV in Turkey. This promises more drama for Ferit, Seyran and their families!


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