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Phoebe schecter wikipedia | Who is phoebe schecter NFL?

Phoebe Schecter "Wikipedia" (born c. 1992) is a British American football coach and former player. She was the first female coach in the National Football League (NFL), interning with the Buffalo Bills in 2018-2019.

Phoebe schecter wikipedia

Phoebe schecter wikipedia

Schecter first moved to the UK in 2011 at age 22, working in the equestrian industry. Looking to meet people and connect with American culture, she responded to a social media ad about an American football team in Manchester and decided to give the sport a try, even though she had no prior experience playing contact sports.

After playing for the Manchester Titans women's team, Schecter went on to become captain of the Great Britain women's national team. She also served as an ambassador for flag football and worked as an American football broadcaster for Sky Sports and talk SPORT.

In 2018, Schecter interned as a coaching assistant with the Buffalo Bills, becoming the first female coach in NFL history. She helped coach the Bills' wide receivers during training camp and preseason.

Currently, Schecter continues broadcasting while aiming to advance gender equality in American football coaching. She hopes her barrier-breaking career inspires more women to get involved with the traditionally male-dominated sport.

Despite her unfamiliarity with American football, Schecter quickly dedicated herself to the sport after discovering it in Manchester. She set her sights on making football a career and getting as close to the game as possible.

Through intense study and hard work, Schecter progressed rapidly from player to coach. In 2018, she interned as an assistant with the NFL's Buffalo Bills - but at first felt overwhelmed, like "a deer in the headlights."

Schecter recalls struggling during her first weeks at Bills training camp. The long hours left little time to eat. Once while hurriedly trying to drink a protein shake, she unsuccessfully pushed on the flimsy Styrofoam cup lid, causing the shake to explode all over herself.

But Schecter persevered through the difficult adjustments and steep learning curve. She helped coach the Bills' wide receivers, gaining valuable experience at the highest level of American football.

Reflecting on her barrier-breaking journey, Schecter says she felt intense pressure as the first female coach in the NFL. She strived to excel in the role while also opening doors for other women to follow in her footsteps.


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